for components like battery cases, that require high levels of exertive force to produce


for demanding medical, optical and other high precision applications


the low cost way to produce small, precision and awkwardly shaped components such as screws


for components, like battery cases, that require high levels of exertive force to produce


Injection Moulding in a class of its own


Experience the FANUC UK Injection Moulding event through our virtual tour of FANUCs UK headquarters. FANUC will showcase it’s wide range of moulding machines combined with the latest CNC technology – making it ideally suited to the high precision moulding with integrated robotic automation.

We are inviting the British moulding market to our dedicated virtual automation open house. Register your details to gain access to our virtual event.



Front and centre will be a number of machines from FANUC’s ROBOSHOT automated injection moulding series in operation across several exhibits, covering injection moulding, cobots, IIoT, and FANUC’s wide range of industrial robots.

Tom Bouchier, Managing Director at FANUC UK, comments: “2020 has been a challenging time for manufacturing, but we know how resilient and adaptable the sector is in the UK. With attention now turning to how automation can be used to facilitate safe working, virtual events such as these are a great way to share knowledge and solutions with one another.

“Our highly versatile ROBOSHOT machine is the perfect example of an automated solution that can boost productivity, precision, and reliability, while simultaneously using less energy than hydraulic machines. Last year, our first ever Open House was a brilliant platform to discuss automation’s role in improving UK manufacturing, and this virtual event builds on that by offering application-specific illustrations of the opportunities there are to improve manufacturing processes.” 

Please complete your details to receive information on how to access the virtual event.


Hi-Tech Automation are a system builder with long-standing Strategic Partner status and proud to be co-hosting the 2020 Roboshot technology days at Fanuc UK. Specialising in machine tending of both FANUC ROBOSHOT and FANUC ROBODRILL products, Hi-Tech are demonstrating a number of de moulding cells with FANUC robots and CNC controls.


Phone: +44(0) 1536 312131

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One machine for all your injection moulding needs

If you think different tasks require different machines, think again! Highly flexible and capable of precisely controlling very powerful exertion forces via its unique CNC, FANUC ROBOSHOT has been designed to handle an extremely diverse range of sophisticated injection moulding applications.


the solution for high volume parts such as turbo charger rotors and thrust bearings that would be too expensive to machine

Exhibit 5 - α-S50iA with compact, modular parts handling solution from HiTech Automation. 

Exhibit 6 – A standalone dual servo electric core power pack which can be interfaced with a ROBOSHOT machine or alternative supplier, to enable end-users to utilise electric motor drive core solutions over traditional hydraulic cores.   

Exhibit 7 - A high-speed carbon take-out cell developed by HiTech Automation in conjunction with FANUC, which can achieve sub 0.35s take-out times.

Mouldshop is an established supplier of consumables and component parts to the UK Plastic Injection Moulding industry.  With an impressive catalogue of brands, including their own Mouldpro products, Mouldshop is the premier supplier of choice.  The experienced Mouldshop team are on hand to assist with any requirements you may have.

InTouch real-time production and process monitoring, scheduling, reporting and analytics systems for improved visibility, control and profitability. InTouch i4 Cloud now available for immediate implementation with no upfront investment. Established in 1997, with over 300 systems worldwide across a multitude of industries and processes, InTouch has remained totally focused in providing easy to operate, easy to learn, quick to install, flexible and affordable systems with outstanding customer service.

Motan Colortronic founded in 1947 is a global leader in material handling solutions for the plastics industry.  Today we are leaders in material management through customer oriented system engineering with unique know -how. 

Because our latest products communicate via an OPC UA interface completely industry 4.0 ready. With a modular range of products and solutions we are able to offer solutions for single machine and complete factories from material storage, conveying , drying , blending , thermal regulation and chilling and complete control and date storage from a PC. 

During our long history of growth and challenges, values and individual skills have become the Piovan corporate culture. However, one key factor has always stayed the same as a guideline for our way of doing business: maximum commitment to innovation for the success of our clients. Today, Piovan is the world leader in supplying ancillary equipment and services to the plastics industry. The achievement of this extraordinary result is a great source of pride and encourages us to maintain our excellent position on the global market.

Piovan, currently with 1044 collaborators, 8 production plants and 31 service and sales companies worldwide, has an unrivalled international presence which means closeness to the customers is no empty promise. Over fifty years of experience in the plastics industry has allowed the company to acquire an extensive cross-knowledge of the polymers processing and we want to share this heritage with our customers. 



α-S50iA LSR


With over 60 years of innovation and expertise, SMC is the global market leader in pneumatics and automation with a product range of 12 000 standards parts and over 700 000 variations. Established in Japan in 1959, SMC has applied a strategy of global sustainable growth which has helped build a sales presence in 82 countries, with 51 subsidiaries. 

SMC has traded in the UK since 1978 and since 1998, we have occupied a purpose built 14-acre office and production facility. UK customers benefit from tailored product applications with quick delivery lead times. Our UK office is also co-located next to our European R&D centre, where 70 design engineers offer technical support to our customers in Europe.



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23rd November - 27th November

23rd November - 27th November 2020 | VIRTUAL EVENT










The seven injection moulding exhibits will be as follows: 

Exhibit 1 - α-S300iA with M10iD8L 6-axis industrial robot mounted on an automated longitudinal beam from HiTech Automation, to deliver 7-axis operation from within compact footprint. 

Exhibit 2 - α-S150iA with a second SI20iA injection unit supported by a LR-Mate 200iD7L industrial robot and QSSR (Quick & Simple Start-up of Robotization). It will be used to manufacturer an ice scraper, which visitors can take home with them. 

Exhibit 3 - α-S150iAs with RJG Co -Pilot ‘smart’ injection moulding monitoring system, which improves part quality and reduces waste. The cell will be making a mould for mobile phone covers. 

Exhibit 4 - α-S50iA LSR display for proprietary liquid silicone processing, complete with QSSR and LRMate200iD industrial robot for parts handing. 


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Injection Moulding in a class of it’s own


Injection Moulding in a class of its own

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